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Minot, North Dakota


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Please read the following information before submitting your deposit. By giving your deposit you agree to and understand the  shop's deposit policy. please ask your artist any questions you may have about the shop's deposit policy prior to scheduling your appointment .


Deposits are required to set up an appointment for a specific date and time with any of our artists. Clients must bring a valid ID to their appointment. Any picture government or state ID such a drivers license or passport will work for our First District Health Unit required tattoo release form. The IDs must contain, name, date of birth, a photo, signature and a unique identifying number corresponding to the individual.

 Without a valid ID we cannot continue with the appointment or start the procedure. If the client is a minor both the minor and LEGAL guardian must have Valid IDs present and must remain in the shop for the procedure. The last name for the minor and LEGAL guardian must have matching last names or have paperwork supporting the guardianship.

We require one consent form per client procedure prior to the procedure.

Deposits are nontransferable to any other person or design other than the agreed upon tattoo design scheduled. deposits are nonrefundable and help ensure the business and artists time, effort, and any subsequent planning are compensated  . Your deposit will pay towards your scheduled tattoo session.


A tattoo appointment may be rescheduled up to one time without the lost of the deposit. Our artists require 72 hours notice prior to the appointment to reschedule. If failure to reschedule prior to the 72 hour time frame the deposit is lost. showing up to an appointment 20 minutes or more without prior communication and agreement with the artist the deposit is lost and will be considered a no call no show. deposits held for rescheduling will be honored for no more than one year and must be in good faith working to reschedule at the clients earliest convenience 

Deposit Policy

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